How Much Does an Orthodontic Consultation Cost

Colorado OrthodonticsWhen seeking out an orthodontist in Arvada, it’s important to understand the initial consultation process and cost. Most initial consultations come at little to no cost to you. However, there are a variety of factors that determine this cost. Read on to discover more about your first orthodontic consultation and how much you’ll pay up front. 

Initial Consultation Steps

An initial consultation is a great time to get to know your doctor better. You’ll have the chance to ask questions, express concerns, and receive a basic evaluation. This evaluation includes a look at your concerns and possible issues. You will most likely receive an x-ray and photographs that will show a complete view of your gums and teeth. After your doctor has reviewed these materials and examined your teeth, they’ll discuss further treatment.

We suggest asking your doctor these common orthodontic consultation questions:

  • Can you explain my main orthodontic issues?
  • What is the severity of these issues and how do I correct them?
  • Do you have any treatment goals in mind?
  • Will I need to have teeth removed?
  • Can you give me an estimate on how long my treatment will last?
  • Can you give me an estimate on how much my treatment will cost?

Orthodontic Consultation Cost

There are many factors that determine the price for your consultation with an orthodontist. Some include the type of insurance you carry and treatment fees. Your orthodontist’s office can help determine how much you owe for an initial consultation and other fees involved.

An orthodontic fee is determined by your type of treatment and plan. However, there are several options for covering the cost. Your doctor’s office may provide an all-inclusive fee for any type of treatment or require you to set up a payment plan. If you decide to go forward with treatment, a down payment may be required, as well. Some patients also cover payments through a health savings account or flexible spending account. 

How Insurance Covers Orthodontic Treatment

A common way to pay for orthodontic consultations and treatment is with dental insurance. Check with your employer to see if you have employer-covered dental insurance. You can also purchase dental insurance yourself. Either way, dental insurance covers a percentage of orthodontic treatment fees. This includes any fees incurred from your initial consultation. You can check online or ask your doctor about dental insurance coverage or how to pay for your consultation. 

The doctor’s office can also help you confirm the following items regarding dental insurance coverage:

  • Whether the branch or office takes your type of insurance 
  • What percentage your dental insurance covers
  • How much you owe for treatment
  • Any coverage limitations specified by your insurance

Orthodontist Arvada is here to help with everything from your initial consultation to insurance coverage and fees. Contact our office to discuss whether your insurance provider is accepted and how to move forward with orthodontic care. We are also happy to discuss different payment options for your visit. Our professional team is ready to help you start your orthodontic treatment today.

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