What are Clear Ceramic Braces and Will They Work for Me?

You know braces. You’re familiar with images of teenagers with metal braces in their mouth as a way to help straighten out teeth. But braces have come a long way and it’s not just the classic metal look anymore. There are ways to have braces that are less noticeable, more comfortable, and more versatile for the wide variety of people who may end up needing braces at different stages of their lives.

If you’ve been told by a dentist or orthodontist that braces are going to be a benefit to you, then you might want to consider your options beyond just the classic metal wire braces. Ceramic braces are a lesser known but no less effective option you can spring for if you don’t want to deal with the discomfort and aesthetic issues that come from metal wire braces.

What Are Ceramic Braces?

Ceramic braces use clear or tooth colored brackets as opposed to the metallic wiring of normal braces. Despite this aesthetic and material difference, they perform the same job and do so rather effectively. They’re an ideal option for anyone concerned that they will feel self conscious while wearing braces and can make the process more comfortable and appealing. But that doesn’t mean they’re right for everybody. As with everything, ceramic braces have their pros and cons.

Why Ceramic Braces May Be Right For You

The biggest benefit of ceramic braces is that they are less visible and obvious than normal braces that use metal wiring. The coloring is more subdued and matches the natural color of teeth. On top of that you do have some options when it comes to picking your colors. While Invisalign is the ideal for those who want teeth alignment without braces, ceramic braces move teeth into alignment much quicker. Another great benefit of ceramic braces is that their lack of metal means they won’t interfere with any imaging tests you need to get during the course you wear them.

Why Ceramic Braces May Not Be Right for You

The first thing to know is ceramic braces are more expensive than traditional wire braces. The ceramic brackets are also a little larger and can be more irritating on sensitive gums than traditional braces. They’re slightly less durable than metal wiring and have a higher chance of breaking off or fracturing. They work slower than metal braces as aligning teeth and when you do get them removed they may leave some permanent damage to your tooth’s enamel surface. They also may stain during the course of wearing them.

Ultimately, Colorado Orthodontics want to help you get the best possible option for your braces needs. A consultation is going to be the best way you can understand what ceramic and traditional braces can offer you. If you’re in the market for clear ceramic braces in Aurora, give us a call to schedule a consultation or appointment so we can best understand your needs and get you the perfect solution to your dental problems.

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